Technology Tuesdays: Jane Austen Fight Club

27 Sep
Tue, Sep 27 2011 09:00am EDT 1
Carolyn Crist
Carolyn Crist
41 Posts
I suppose this is a bit old, but I can’t get over this fake film trailer that combines Jane Austen with the popular movie, “Fight Club.” Have you seen it? It went viral crazy last year and pulled in 200,000 views in just two days. People love it. Watch it and read a bit in The Telegraph here:

Jane Austen’s Fight Club is a viral web video hit

Some Austen fans hate parodies. Others love writing them (or creating a video). What do you think?

And what do you think about this in terms of connecting Austen with technology? Could it help new (or young) audiences relate to her and her sense of humor?

Also, feel free to post your own links and blogs below!

Tue, Sep 27 2011 09:51am EDT 2
Carolyn Crist
Carolyn Crist
41 Posts
OK, I can’t help it. I love this one, too:

Jane Austen for president

This is from 2008, and it’s still great. Thoughts on how we use technology to keep Austen relevant in our times?

Tue, Sep 27 2011 04:02pm EDT 3
Cinta García
Cinta García
17 Posts
Well, let’s contribute to Technological Tuesday😀 It is not exactly technological, but I have always being interested in how the different movie adaptations use technology and different devices to convey different things and elicit different feelings in the person watching the film.

I have found this website where it is discussed and shown in pictures how the different use of lights and candles in the different movie adaptations make it easier for the person watching it to understand what is going on, to make dramatical pauses, and to convey many other feelings.
It is amazing how different filmmakers have different opinions about the same scene, and how their different uses of the illumination makes that scene quite different.
What do you think?
Wed, Sep 28 2011 05:02am EDT 4
Irene Aprile
Irene Aprile
26 Posts
Finally I managed to see this videos!!! They’re funny, in particular Jane Austen’s Fight Club. I’ve often tought that these ladies, with all their social conventions, must feel the need to find a safety valve. Elizabeth is not the kind of person who submit herself to conventions without struggle, even if it’s about become an accomplished girl. Sure enough my immagination never went so far to picture a Fight Club! Technology is a good way to keep interest in Jane Austen high, through videos, films, parodies… we’re doing the same here, we’re not? We’re trying to keep interest high by discussing every facet of Jane Austen, and we’re doing it using technological means. I don’t like very much parodies when they have the intention to ridicule Jane Austen and her work, but if they catch the irony and the sarcasm, thay can be a way to put in touch new generations with Jane Austen.
Wed, Sep 28 2011 08:55am EDT 5
Amy Fountain
Amy Fountain
2 Posts
The video, Jane Austen for President, is soooo clever. And think how simple the world would/could be with her as the leader of the free world. Ahhh, wishful thinking…

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